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Are You Ready To Start A career In Healthcare?

  • Make more money in less time

  • Take Charge and control of your life and your future

  • Fulfill your passion & purpose while helping others

  • Create more happiness and joy in your home with less financial Burden

Feeling Stuck

You know you were meant for more in your life, but yet you feel stuck at a job, dissatisfied with the work but feel as though you can't leave your position. Or you keep convincing yourself to wait and see and if something will change. Leading to more frustration and hopelessness.



You live paycheck to paycheck, barely making a living to care for yourself and family with ease. Escalating debt, unexpected expenses, and money worries & stress, financial uncertainties are keeping you up at night. Leading to poor mental, physical health and quality of life.


You've stayed too long at your job because you're afraid of change or risk of not getting a paycheck or you are too comfortable in your routine. You tell yourself you do not have skills or career, settling for a mediocre life. Lack of knowledge is preventing you from exploring different possibilities. Leading to overworking, burnout and sickness.

If Any of the above resonates with you......You are not alone.... You are in the right place

Wellness Academy NJ

Is more than a school, it is a community where we grow healthcare leaders both mentally and physically, by proving them the tools, skills and resources to thrive personally, professionally and financially and live a life that is stress free and rewarding.

Your Best Solution To end The Struggle!

  • Change your mindset (break through fears and limiting beliefs to have the life that is purposeful & powerful).

  • Learn a skill or career that is worth waking up for everyday.

  • Create financial freedom that will put you on overflow.

  • Know your worth, value and ask for what you deserve

  • Be your own boss by having your own side hustle or business if you want.

Why choose us?

You get more than a program, we understand there are other programs that are less costly, to have students out in the world lost, confused, frustrated and no guidance and support.

We are passionate in helping our students succeed in all aspects of their lives, so therefore we help them overcome any obstacles, challenges so that they can pass the exam, find employment and create a career they enjoy even after completing our programs.


Healthcare Skills & Career |Financial Freedom | Happy & Fulfilled Life

Phlebotomy Bundle

The fastest & growing level entry profession without committing to years of education and financial stress.

Here at Wellness Academy NJ, we take pride in educating hard working individual that are desiring a better career, profession and life when joining our phlebotomy transformational program.

With the high demand for qualified phlebotomist, our students can learn this skill and start working in less than 4 months to positioned themselves to increase their income by helping and servicing others.

We are not your typical school, your success both before and after of our phlebotomy program is our #1 priority.

Therefore this program has everything you desire to a successful career and life.

What is included in the bundle

Mindset and confidence work

  • Anatomy & Physiology entry course

  • Comprehensive Phlebotomy course

  • Clinical Site placement

  • Career Development

  • Powerful Community

  • Ongoing support and monitoring

  • Onsite Phlebotomy testing

  • No unnecessary or extra course or fluff.

Our program is approved by the leading organization

American Society of Phlebotomy

with the national test providing by them.

Anatomy & Physiology

You deserve to know the basic to enhance your clinical experiences and provide the best care.

This introductory course introduces the structure and function of the human body to understand the basic about the body systems, their anatomical locations and the physiological functions of the cardiovascular and integumentary systems.

Anatomy and Physiology course is an early step on the ladder that represents your knowledge. You cannot successfully move to the next level unless you have a solid footing on this topic. This will fill in any gaps that you have.

It's included in the Phlebotomy bundle!

Comprehensive Phlebotomy Program

Phlebotomy is a medical profession with great pay that entails working around blood, blood drawn and processing of the blood sample. A vital asset to the medical team because blood work is crucial for a diagnosis, which can help ensure that patients are receiving effective treatment plans.

It’s a great opportunity and an excellent option for anyone looking for a successful career in less than 4 months regardless of age and experience. All that is required is high school diploma or the equivalent.

Our goal is to teach the skills in a simple and efficient way to not only pass the national exam but to also perform the duties of a professional phlebotomist, which includes but not limited to:

Identifying and assessing patients history and needs

Determining the reason(s) for drawing blood.

Selecting the correct gauge needles and preparing veins or fingers for blood drawing.

Extracting blood from patients through venipuncture or fingersticks.

Analyzing blood specimens using the correct testing equipment.

Preparing & labeling specimens for transportation.

Collaborating with other healthcare practitioners in various clinical settings.

Ordering laboratory supplies and more.

You assure you have better job security,

We prepare our students to start working as a phlebotomist in less time without even spending a lot of money. It is the perfect way to shape a career!

Career Development

An excellent way to improve many health conditions, including infections or side effects of a viral/bacterial infections, fatigue, weakness or brain fog, or to achieve optimal health and wellness. IV vitamin therapy is an effective, safe and efficient treatment for replenishing vit

We do not stop at helping our student developing new career that they love, we go as far as helping them finding the perfect job where they are in demand, and receive a pay that will put them on the road to financial freedom.

We embrace the characteristics that will set them apart from others

Resume evaluation

Job placement recommendations

Brief business formations for those that are desiring to build a side hustle.

Through this avenue you are creating job security, opportunity for professional growth, travel opportunities, business opportunities, freedom to work in any medical field and anywhere in the world.

Included in the Phlebotomy bundle.

When You Are Part OF Wellness Academy NJ Family, You Are Part Of A Transformation!

Your success is our priority

Enrolling in our phlebotomy bundle will differentiate you from your counterpart

And change your trajectory of your life and career!

We Are Not Your Typical Healthcare School, We:

  • A School & Organization That Cares About Your Success

  • Provide Everything you need for a rewarding career

  • Give you a vehicle for creating wealth and financial abundance

  • Help create more joy, happiness in your life and home

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